Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sell on Facebook

We have developed a Facebook store that allows you to exploit social networks and assemble a broader marketing pool than ever before.

The great advantage of a Facebook store, it allows you another way to increase profit through generated sales, direct pay options through our shop & go function and a market that is yet to be explored and fully utilised.

We can base the Facebook designs on your brand or a particular product group.
Why have a Facebook Store?

Creating an additional tab on to your Facebook business fan page titled “Shop”. Users will now have the option to explore and purchase your products directly through Facebook. This will not only provide increased revenue streams but by encouraging them to “like” / comment on your products and Facebook store which will allow you to grow your following.

Facebook currently have more than 500 million active users, with the average user having more than 130 friends. With 50% of active users logging into Facebook on any given day…


Create a Store tab within Facebook.
Sell within Facebook
Stock Syncing through our CMS
Encourage customers to “like” your items.
Enable customers to comment on your products
Simple Checkout


Viral – is a tremendously influential and efficient form of word-of-mouth advertising by utilising the power and popularity of Facebook, this will significantly push the viral aspect of your marketing, thus expanding your potential client base on a daily basis without needing to invest time promoting your business.

Like/Comment – By commenting or liking products within your Facebook shop, information is posted on the customer’s wall, giving you an instant form of credibility. This opens your Facebook store to a whole new client base allowing for a more targeted form of advertising / marketing.

Stock Syncing – All stocks are synched through our CMS, allowing you to manage all stock, monitor best sellers, and control all features effectively and instantly.

Simple Checkout – Customers are not required to be redirected to any other Website as they can buy everything instantly on your Facebook store.

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