Friday, 27 May 2011

The Benefits of M-Commerce and 4G technology

Mobile Commerce also known as m-commerce or mcommere is the capability to use a wireless phone or any other mobile device to conduct business transactions and exchange payments over the internet. With the recent boom in mobile web devices and with seemingly every telecommunications retailer now targeting and pushing smart phones it is no surprise that companies are looking to take advantage of a market still very much in its prime.

There are many advantages to mobile commerce if tackled correctly, providing your organisation with a new opportunity to reach your customers anywhere and anytime, customers can access and purchase your products on the go allowing and helping you increase your reach and overall sales as consumers can access on demand. Mcommerce also provides convenience as time constraints are no longer an issue when individuals can access applications in their own time.

The introduction of 4G will aid and impact mobile commerce dramatically as this means people can download and access sites faster and more efficiently than ever before driving consumers to your site and encouraging mobile search dramatically, this will result in a profound change in ideology as speed and ease of use give confidence to an entire audience that still remains untapped, affording them the opportunity to access an enormous range of information and services in real time securely.

This of course requires companies to ensure that their websites are WAP enabled, and that they are developed with the mcommerce consumer in mind, adopting the philosophy of simplicity, whereby products and services are easy to find, the site is easy to navigate around and it provides an all round positive shopping experience, ensuring that from the moment a potential customer enters the site and until they checkout the buying experience is as relaxing and enjoyable a possible. This will only ever move to aid your progress and success with your mobile commerce site, as it ensures greater customer satisfaction.

Mobile commerce will also present organisations with a very relevant and new means of advertising platform, allowing you to reach your customer base instantly with offers, sales and promotions, building an instant relationship of trust and commitment between potential customers and the organisation and encouraging brand development and customer loyalty.

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