Friday, 6 July 2012

Advancements in Social Media - Facebook

Social Networking - Facebook

Are you aware of the value of using social media to sell online?

With over 900 million active users, Facebook has been widely recognised as the world’s most popular social media site. While many users create personal accounts to post status updates and interact with friends, in recent years many businesses have looked at taking advantage of this large member base by using the site as a way to promote their products and services through a Facebook Store. 

By creating a fan page for your Facebook Store, users will now have the option to explore and purchase your products directly through Facebook. The success of a Facebook store comes not only in the ability to create a store page on the site, but also create greater brand recognition through word of mouth. With more than 50% of Facebook users having over 100 friends linked to their account, a view or purchase on your store page not only comes up as a notification on the customers newsfeed, but also on each of their 100 friends notifications.

The like/comment feature available on the site also allows you to create levels of interactivity and feedback between the store and their customer base. This enables you to provide a greater service by tailoring your store to provide a service that appeals directly to your customer base, generating higher levels of repeat business.

The Facebook Store service also provides you with the ability to monitor and control your stock levels. This allows you to see how much of a specific stock you have remaining and which product is your best seller. This then allows you to focus your marketing strategy to not only increase sales of popular products, but make customers aware of other products you have for sale in your store.  

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