Monday, 9 July 2012

Email Marketing and its SEO Importance

While email marketing is used to help provide customers with information about the business and services on offer, it can also help increase Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your business, by creating a number of direct links to your website. 

The more direct links you have to your online store, the more traffic your site will receive. As your store receives these greater levels of traffic, it will result in your website rising within a search engine query ranking. In turn, this will cause even greater traffic to the site and more sales as a result. 

The links placed within the emails could be used to help show customers new products that have recently been placed on your online store for sale or highlight blog posts which have been posted on your site.

Blog posts are articles which give your audience information about a specific topic. For example, if you are running a fashion store, you may look to include articles about the latest fashion designs on your site. At the end of this article you can then place a link to some of the items in your store that are similar in style to the clothing described in the article.

This allows you to bring in customers that may have never heard of your online store but simply wanted to read the article about fashion. 

Numerous blog posts about topics that relate to the services your store provides is a great way to increase the amount of traffic visiting your site, improving its SEO significantly.

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