Monday, 9 July 2012

Email Marketing

When exploring the different avenues you can take for advertising your ecommerce business, one of the key promotional tools you should always look to use is email marketing.  Email marketing is not only a much more cost effective form of advertising than some other methods, but it also allows you to contact an unlimited number of potential customers all at once. 

While email marketing allow you to attract potential new customers, it also allows you to build up relationships with your current clientele, keeping them up to date with any potential offers or sales you may be running. 

Sending out a monthly newsletter to your current and prospective customers, allows you to provide users with information about your business such as new items for sale. You can also look to gain feedback from your customers by providing surveys for them to complete. From the survey feedback, you to make changes to how your business is run in order to enhance the experience customers are having when buying from your store. 

Emails to your customers also allow you to interact with customers automatically without taking up a large amount of your time. Setting up automated emails allow you to send an email to a customer when they make a purchase or when an order is dispatched. This type of email takes minimal effort on the part of the store owner and keeps the customer in the loop through the entire process. 

When creating an email for prospective customers, you must look to create a layout that is not only friendly, but informative. People receive a number of different advertisement emails on a daily basis. The last thing you want is for your time and effort to be wasted by someone who chooses to simply delete the email rather than taking the time to properly read it.

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