Friday, 20 July 2012

Guest Checkouts to Increase Your Conversion Rate

A recent study in the US has found that 8 of the 10 major stores have a better conversion rate when they allow their customers to purchase as a guest.

Asking a user to register their details before they are able to purchase products off their store is making some customers leave the site and look for alternatives, therefore lowering the conversion rate. 

What a customer wants is to visit an online store, select the item they want and complete the payment process in as quick a time as possible. 

How can this impact your business?

Well obviously, if you are an eBay store owner this is going to make no difference to your store and all buyers first have to create an eBay account before purchasing anything from any store.

However, if you run your own online store that is not connected to eBay, you make look at experimenting with your checkout procedure in an attempt to boost your conversion rate.

A guest checkout procedure will not only allow you to make more sales over a shorter period due to its increased efficiency, it will also stop your server from potentially becoming bogged down 

If you are looking to possibly add guest checkouts to your website, be sure to first analyse the security set up of your store. Some of the big brands have great security procedures in place, meaning that even if something goes wrong with a guest's checkout, they still have enough information to fix or cancel the transaction. 

When running a small business, every single sale is important. The last thing you want to do is have a transaction go wrong leaving you out of pocket or unable to get in touch with the guest buyer to solve the issue. Even if someone is using a guest checkout procedure, you must ensure you still record some contact details from the user such as their email address and telephone number. This means that if a product is out of stock or if there is any kind of delivery issue, you can contact the person easily despite them not having a registered account on your store.

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