Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Turn Negative Feedback into a Positive

Within the world of online buying and selling, managing your traffic, customer happiness and views are one of the most crucial factors in dictating whether a product gets sold or not. 

When a customer finds a product they are interested in buying, they first look at the price of the item and then they focus on the feedback. Customers will read a number of the different reviews looking at how other customers found the product and service. These feedback remarks will make or break a sale. If you have a number of customer reviews that are negative, it is going to put customers off purchasing the product and they will then look elsewhere for an alternative.

One of the ways to increase your level of positive feedback for your online ecommerce store is to encourage your customers to leave feedback on your store once they have made a purchase. Generally, the majority of people who go on  a store to leave feedback without being prompted to do so are those who have a problem with the service or product that has been provided. Asking your customers to leave feedback on your store will result in higher levels of positive feedback as people who have had a pleasant experience with your store will leave feedback in order to help your store grow.  

How can customer feedback help you? 

If you find that your store has received a number of negative comments, rather than feeling down about it, look at it as a positive. Negative comments give you a chance to greatly improve the performance of your ecommerce store. If you have a number of customer feedbacks stating that the product took too long to be delivered, they you should look as possibly changing your courier service or looking at your internal dispatch procedure to see if this can be sped up. As the old saying goes "the customer is always right," if one customer notices this problem then you can be sure that more people will pick up on it and you will receive more negative comments as a result.

If you are find that a particular product that is continually getting negative comments about its performance or durability, you should look to remove that product entirely from your store. While you purchase these products from a supplier, customers visiting your store will instantly associate any product they purchase with you, meaning that if a  product performs poorly for customers, it is going to be your store that suffers for it rather than the company that makes them. Removing the product entirely from your store will result in you no longer receiving this negative feedback.

Improving the running of your online store through customer feedback is going to help make your store more efficient and customer friendly. The better performance you can provide to your customers, the more you repeat business you are going to get. So be positive and turn that negative into a positive, these negative comments could be the best thing for you business, helping to bring it up to a higher standard that will result in great customer traffic and most importantly, greater sales revenue.

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