Monday, 30 July 2012

M-commerce Customers on the Rise!

The power of mobile commerce is continually on the rise with a recent survey finding that 23% of all smartphone owners in the UK visit a retail outlet's store on their phone.

If you are running a small online store, you may think that this will have little impact on your own sales. The truth is you couldn't be more wrong.

If anything, this highlights the absolute necessity of having a mobile friendly version of your store.  The UK alone has a smartphone audience of nearly 6.5 million, meaning that nearly 1.5 million of these users visit a retail store on their smartphone. 

While smartphone users could still access your online store without you having an mobile commerce store, the web version of the store is not mobile friendly, meaning that it can be very tricky for customers to navigate around your store and purchase items. This will often result in customers becoming frustrated in the process and leaving the store altogether, visiting another retail outlet to purchase the product. Missing out on these kind of sales could be the difference between your online ecommerce store being a success and a failure. 

With the majority of brands and stores now focussing a large part of their marketing budget on increasing their presence and sales in mobile commerce, it is vitally important that all you look to establish some sort of mobile commerce presence, ensuring that you are maximising the overall exposure your store can achieve. 

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