Monday, 16 July 2012

The Pros and Cons of SMS Marketing

Exploring different marketing avenues is always key to maximising the coverage and awareness your business will gain. Similar to email marketing, text message marketing (SMS) is a great way to reach a large audience instantly and depending on your SMS distribution agency it could be very cost effective. However, unlike all marketing campaigns, there are things you should do and things you shouldn't.

When deciding on the type of text message marketing, there are two types; 'Broadcast' and 'Narrowcast.' 'Broadcast' involves sending out messages to the general public whereas, 'Narrowcast' involves sending out messages to a small, targeted audience. 

If you are looking to reach a whole new audience then the 'Broadcast' option would be the way to go. However, if you are looking to create repeat business and advertise your current offers and sales to your existing customers, 'Narrowcast' is for you.


        • Can be cost effective marketing - Employing a mobile phone agency to send out the text messages on your behalf can by much cheaper than printing and distributing other forms of advertising, such as flyers.
        • Easy to create - Requires no HTML, no images, you simply put the text you want the user to read and how they can access your store. 
        • High reliability - Unlike email marketing, SMS marketing is not subject to filters. SMS marketing ensures your message will be delivered to the customer and will not be subject to being filtered out as spam or junk. 
        • Ecologically friendly - Unlike leaflets and flyers, there is no use of resources such as paper or plastics. SMS is green source of marketing!
        • Seemingly limitless market growth - With the number of mobile users growing at a rapid rate each year, the number of customers you are able to reach is endless. 


        • Users think it's spam - Some of the users will think that the text message is just spam and will delete it without looking at it. 
        • No title - Unlike emails, you cannot have a subject title to draw the audience in. It simply displays the text in the message straight away
        • Limited space - The information you can include in a text message is limited to a specific number of characters. While this makes your message more direct, it can result in you having to leave out other information.

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