Friday, 13 July 2012

Using QR Codes to Advertise Your Business

According to a study carried out by the Internet Advertising Bureau, over £203 million was spent on mobile advertising in 2011, more than double that of the previous year. One of the causes of this significant increase is the ever growing use of QR codes.

What Are They?

QR codes are a form of mobile marketing that allow you to direct users to your site without having to provide any links or text. They are basically a more advanced type of barcode.

The huge difference between the two is that a barcode is a one-dimensional code that holds up to 20 numerical digits, whereas, QR codes are two-dimensional and can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters. This means they can hold significantly larger amounts of data.

How Do They Work?

When coming across a QR code either in a magazine, flyer or other from of advetisement, the user would then use QR reader app on their smartphone to scan the image. Many smartphones now offer these QR readers to users for free. The code would then instantly advertise your business or product by sending the user an email or text or directing them to your website in their mobile browser.

How Can They Help Your Business?

Originally used to track auto parts, they have now become an ever growing part of advertising with 50% of all smartphone owners using them. Out of this 50% percent, 18% then go on to make a purchase on the store. This shows the significant amount of traffic and sales QR codes can generate for your business. 

With QR codes becoming an increasing part of advertising, it is believed that around 48% of businesses will invest in the technology within 2012. This demonstrates the importance to look at QR codes as a possible advertising tool when marketing your online ecommerce store.

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