Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Your Social Media Voice

I think it's safe to say that everyone now understands how important social media is when creating interest and awareness in your business.

However, simply creating accounts on various social media sites isn't going to be enough to make your business a household name. 

What you post, when you post it and what voice your posts are in are all important in generating interest and followers for your social media content. 

The first thing you should do is generate content on a daily basis. This may be articles you have written yourself, articles shared from other users or offers and promotions from your business. Posting content every day allows you to create a regular following who will revisit your social media accounts each day expecting new content. 

While you are a professional business, your posts and status updates don't have to be written in a formal fashion. In fact. writing in a authoritative voice is likely to make users feel less comfortable about visiting your site. Writing in a personal style allows you to relate to your audience. This creates almost a conversational tone, which instantly makes users comfortable on your page.

The beauty about social media is that it is a two way interaction platform. Normal marketing avenues are simply one way communication with you sending a message to the consumer. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow not only you to communicate with your followers, but for them to communicate right back. Taking the time to respond to any questions, queries or comments your followers have is a great way to not only get some customer feedback to help improve your business, but is also a great way to build up personal connections with consumers. The more personal connections you create, the more potential customers you will be generating for your online business.

Although many businesses look to separate their online and offline marketing into two different strategies, you shouldn't overlook the benefits in advertising one platform across another. The best example for this would be Twitter's use of hashtags. It's obvious that when looking to build a Twitter following, the majority of your followers are going to be people who have seen the content posted on your Twitter feed and then decided to follow you. However, placing your Twitter address of 'hashtag' on other promotion items will also have a large impact on your social media following. 

Many businesses have taken up this concept of offline advertising for an online platform by placing the addresses of their social media sites on store windows, posters and even television adverts. Placing your social media identities anywhere and everywhere can only be a good thing. Not only does it increase your online following, it creates extra avenues for brand promotion.

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