Thursday, 2 August 2012

Blogging Tips to Boost Your Ranking

No matter what type of ecommerce store you run, everyone is in the same mad race to move their site up search engine rankings. The higher your site is placed within a search engine, the more traffic you are going to get. One of most popular forms of increasing your search engine ranking is through blogging.

Generally, you will find that most online sites have some form of blogging. However, the success your blog in improving your website's ranking, is entirely dependant how you manage your blog. To ensure yours is as successful as it possibly can be, there are a number of different things you should look to do:

Blog Everyday

This is without a doubt the most important part of blogging. Writing an article on your blog once every couple of months is going to have very little effect in improving your SEO ranking. For maximum success you need to place content on your blog every single day.

Make Use of Social Media

Getting traffic to your site through your blog is the name of the game. The more direct links you give for users to access content on your blog, the more traffic you are going to receive. Placing links to your blog on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites is going to boost your blog's viewers and overall exposure.

Social media also provides a great platform for interactivity. If you post a blog article about a specific topic or interest, you may get a number of people commenting on your post with opinions about the content. You can then engage with this people to create some sort of discussion. Developing these sort of relationships with your audience is going to make them more likely to visit your blog again to read other posts. 

Encourage Guest Bloggers

Variety is the spice of life. While you may produce interesting and informative articles yourself, having a number of different people produce blog pieces for your site encourages diversity in style, content and opinion, which will then result in a more diverse audience. 

Depending on who your guest blogger is, this could dramatically help improve the credibility and audience your blog has. If you manage to get a guest blogger who is well known within your particularly field of interest, you are going to get a lot more readers, which will result in more links to the blog post through shares.

Make Your Content Original

It's easy to simply visit other peoples blogs and copy content which they have produced on to your own. However, doing this will seriously damage your credibility and your search engine ranking. Duplicating content from another site is not looked on favourably by search engines. Rather than it lifting you up the rankings, you site will be penalised and moved further down. 

Look to create content that is unique and interesting, copying others hard work is going to limit the number of readers you are going to reach. No one wants to read a blog article on one site and then visit your site to read exactly the same article. All this will do is annoy your readers and stop them from visiting your blog in future.

Blog About What You Know

When deciding on what to write about in your blog, look to use topics that you have an in depth knowledge about. What you have to think when writing a blog post is, who is going to read this? You will generally find that your blog posts will be read by people who have in depth knowledge of this particular subject. If your content has no substance or has sections with incorrect facts, your blog will quickly begin to lose credibility with your readers.

The more of these techniques you employ within your blog, the more successful you are going to be in increasing your website's exposure and improving your search engine ranking.

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