Monday, 20 August 2012

Creating the perfect social media strategy for your business

From a purely SEO perspective, social media is a fantastic tool for any online business to help create backlinks and  get more traffic to your business, moving your site higher and higher up the search engine rankings.

A recent study found that the more posts you have, the more shares you are going to get, which isn't rocket science as the more options in terms of content you give an audience, the more chance the audience will find some of it interesting. However, while placing as much content you can, across as many places as possible is going to help your website grow, to get the best possibly results you need to analyse what you post and when you post it to help generate as many likes, shares and reads as possible.  

Statistically, the more prominent types of posts placed across social media are picture and text based as they are much easier to create than say, a video. As I highlighted in a post two weeks ago (Boost your brand identity with Instrgram), it's not about how many pictures you can post across social media, but more what these images contain. One imaginative and entertaining image is going to get a ton more shares and clicks than a whole host of generic photos. Now when it comes to having text based posts, the balance between quantity and quality is much more tricky depending on what your posts are and what type of business you run. If the posts you regularly place on social media are regarding offers, sales and products on your online store then the more posts you place on social media, the better, as this is all content that people are definitely going to be interested in. If the text based content you post is more SEO orientated, consisting of articles and blog posts, you need to be more selective. While you can post as many blog posts and articles are you like, as there will be different people who are interested in reading different articles, users may become increasingly annoyed with a constant barrage of article posts appearing on their feeds. If the aim of your social media content is to purely create as many shares and possible, helping to increase customer's awareness of your business, then you need to focus primarily on pictures and videos. Videos are a much trickier form of social media than text or pictures, but if done correctly it can be the most rewarding. When you create a video for your social media site, it can be something to do with your business i.e. a promotional advert, or it could be nothing to do with your business whatsoever. The more original the idea, the more chance you have of that video becoming viral, meaning literally thousands of people will see it and become aware of your brand identity. While I have broken down each of the various types of social media posts, the best social media accounts are those which use all of these in equal proportion to produce unique and appealing content.  

Right, now we've looked at what to post and how often to post it, the next stage is to figure out when to post it. You could have a fantastic article, picture or video, but if you post it at the wrong time, then not many people are going to see it and it is not going to achieve its potential. What I mean by this is, there's no point posting content in the middle of the night when pretty much no one is going to see it. To achieve the most number of likes and shares as you possibly can, you should look to post your content any time between 6pm and 8pm in the evening. This is the time when people have come home from a busy day at work and are catching up on all the activity on their social media account. Although the evening is the most profitable time to post, you will find that you have more success during this period from Monday to Wednesday as opposed to Thursday and Friday. 

If you are willing to put in the hard work to make the social commerce section of your business as successful as possible, you should look to post content during the weekend. The weekend is the most popular time for social media activity, with pretty much everyone checking their social media accounts numerous times over this period. Take advantage of this and get your content out there for people to see. If you run an online or eBay store that sells goods, then perking someone's interest with a social media post could be the best way to encourage them to visit your site and make a weekend purchase.

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