Monday, 20 August 2012

eBay's grand gesture or cunning advertising ploy?

eBay have announced that they are making all sports collectable items free to list until the end of the year. This will come as great news to some online stores as these items can be listed for free on both auctions and buy now listings.

The sports collectibles section on eBay contains items such as signed photographs of sports stars, shirts, match day programs and various other sporting memorabilia. 

It has been touted for many months that eBay could drop listing fees from some items in an attempt to gain an advantage in their battle with rival marketplace, Amazon, who have seemingly been improving their standing with sellers as of late. 

The new setup for sports collectable sellers means that store owners under the "Basic" account setting can list up to 5,000 items without having to pay insertion fees, with "Premium" and "Anchor" packages able to list up to 10,000. Sellers who do not have an online eBay store are able to list 500 sports collectable items without having to pay the listing fees.

However, while this does seem like a grand gesture on the part of eBay to offer some online sellers the chance to list products on their eBay store for free, other believe that this is part of a greater revenue scheme. One theory is that the removal of the listing price for this item category will result in sellers listing more items. The more items that are placed on eBay, the more advertisements that are going to be seen by buyers, which in turn will result in great advertising revenue for eBay.

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