Thursday, 23 August 2012

How a bad review can work for your business

General wisdom says that when a person visits your ebay store or other ecommerce store, you only want them to see positive reviews from other customers. Positive endorsements encourage customers to purchase specific products from your store, whereas a negative review tends to drive customers aware from your shop. 

Customers feel much more comfortable purchasing from a store if they are able to build up good levels of trust. Normally, people look to build up these trust levels through regularly engaging with customers through social media, emails and other communication channels. However, new research has suggested that having a bad review on your website can be just as good as a positive review. 

When you first come across a bad review on your store you instantly think it is bad for business and will look to remove or conceal it so people can't see it. However, you need to remember that one bad review isn't going to cause a lot of damage to your online store, in fact it could help it. Leaving that one bad review on your site could make help make you seem like a more trusting site as you are letting customers know that you have had one bad review. If a customer visits a site where it is full of nothing but fantastic reviews, it almost makes it seem too good to be true and rather than encouraging them to buy, it makes them much more sceptical. Having a negative review on your store gives the positive review much more weight, making them seem much more genuine to customers.

This doesn't mean that you should have a whole load of bad reviews on your ecommerce store to make your business seem much more honest. While one bad review shows your business as being honest, numerous bad reviews will begin to show an underlining problem with your business, seriously damaging your brand image. If you do have a bad review on your site, even if you decide to leave it on your site, you should look to remedy the cause of the bad review to ensure you don't receive future bad reviews for the same issue. Also once you have solved that problem, you can then contact the person who left the bad review and encourage them to return to your store as their original problem will have been solved.

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