Friday, 10 August 2012

How to increase your sales with landing pages

Building good landing pages for your online store allows you to effectively generate profit for your business. Landing pages are pages that provide viewers with information about your products and services. These pages then provide a direct link to your website. When creating landing pages for your business, you need to ensure that they are as effective as they can be in achieving a high conversion rate. The more optimised your landing pages are, the more customers you are going to get to your site and the more sales you are going to achieve. 

Depending on the product and service your business offers, the headline you choose may be different. You may choose to have a headline that poses a question, making the audience think, or you may simply make a bold statement which is used to be definitive and grab the attention of your audience. When selecting your headline there is no right or wrong selection. What you need to do is test various different headlines and see how successful they are in engaging your audience and creating a high conversion rate.

After you have created a good attention grabbing headline, you then need to provide extra information about what your business offers. This information needs to be sharp and concise, giving readers all the information they require while keeping their attention. This means that the information shouldn't be too long. A good way to ensure your audience doesn't become bored by large amounts of text is to include various images and videos. Pictures or videos are a great way to provide people with substantial amounts of information easily. When running an online store, this could be images of products you sell for example, allowing customers to see various items they potentially could purchase. 

As we have highlighted in the past, the opinions of other customers play a pivotal role in helping people decide whether they wish to purchase from a store or not. To help sway the opinions of an audience, you should look to have some testimonials from your current customers placed on your landing page. This would simply involve quotes from one or two of your customers stating how great they found the products and service your store provides. 

Once you have engaged your audience and drawn them in, the next stage is to make them click on a link to your website. This is known as the call to action. If your landing page has a good call to action, it is going to encourage more people to click on the link. Depending of the type of business you offer, your call to action will differ. If you run an online or eBay store, your call to action should encourage customers to buy specific products. If you find that your call to action isn't giving you the desired results, you need to look at the various aspects that make up the call to action. 

When creating a call to action, it should clearly stand out on your landing page. There is no point having a call to action that blends in with the rest of the text on the page and makes it difficult for customers to see. You want you call to action to be in the form of a button or some other imposing image. This way it will be in your face, it will stand out from the rest of the page and there will be no way that your customers could possibly miss it. 

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