Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Top social media sites that you may never have heard of

We all know by now that when running an online business, having accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are important in engaging with your customers and developing your own brand identity. However, when it comes to social media, you shouldn't just rely on those three. There are a number of different social media sites around today who can all play a pivotal role in helping your business. The more places you have projecting your business's image, the more interest you are going to bring to your website.

Some of these platforms have more members than others, but can all help to make substantially more people aware of your business.


Ecademy is a membership based organisation that allows a number of different business entrepreneurs to interact with each other. The site acts on three core principles "Know me," "Like me" and "Follow me." Basically, this is a platform for you to be able to make other businesses aware of your business and interact with you and find out more information about what it is you do and how you could be mutually beneficial to each other. The site currently has over 500,000 active users. You can sign up for free and create a profile, send up to 10 messages a month to people and connect on other peoples blogs. To gain access to other features you will need to pay the £9 a month membership fee.


Another business social media site that allows users to interact with each other to get advice and expertise regarding various business decisions and ideas. This is a community powered platform that allows you to openly discuss all businesses and what they offer. A great way not only find out about other businesses, but also allow people to become aware of yours. However, as it is an open platform, be sure that every aspect of your business is in order as many people many look to scrutinise your business.


A social media site that allows you to create a personal or business account for free, add a number of contacts to your profile, attend events and join groups that are related to your business. Xing advertise their social media service as almost an in depth business card platform, allowing others to become aware of your business and find out detailed information about what you do and how they can get in touch with you. Users can enter a number of different keywords into the search criteria and if your business profile matches any of those words, your profile will be displayed for them to see. 


A simple, but effective social media site that allows you to create your own basic business profile and join various groups that are related to your business. One of the great benefits of this platform is that when someone views your profile, you are able to see where in the world they are and by which method they found you. While this will only be information regarding users who found your Ziggs profile, it will be extra information regarding how users are finding out about your business, which you can in corporate into your marketing strategy.


A site aimed at helping users who create blogs and various content share this content across a large platform. For example, if you run a blog for your business, you can create a profile and then share some of your blog articles on the site for members to read. This sharing of data then creates a platform for debate and interaction regarding the content you have created. This is a great way to not only increase the reads for your content, but also make people aware of your blog and your business. Placing your content on Gather may result in someone taking an interest in your content, following your blog or visiting your business's website in the future. 


Plaxo is basically a social media hub for users. You can create a profile for free and then import all of your contacts for a variety of different sources. What the site does is bring all of your business contacts for various social media sites all together within Plaxo. You can then keep up to date with posts from contacts as well as send messages to them. The basic Plaxo package is free but you will need to pay a monthly fee for the assistant and sync packages.

Small Business Brief

A site aimed at helping provide information to small businesses via blog posts. There are a number of informative articles to help your small business, but there is also the option to submit your own articles to be placed on the site and interact with other users through the forum. 


Very much different from all social media and interaction sites around. Rather than allowing you to join a social media site, they give you the option to create your own. If you are a business with a good few customers, affiliate business or other vendors, you may look to create your own social media site to encourage interaction between all parties. Moreover, it is a great way to attract new people to become aware of your business by becoming a member of your social media platform and can also increase your income through the revenue channels. You can try the service for free before then having to pay a monthly subscription fee.

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