Monday, 17 September 2012

Amazon giving online sellers a helping hand this Christmas

Amazon are looking to help sellers increase sales for their online store by hosting two web seminars within the next two weeks. 

The first seminar will be held on the Wednesday 19th September from 10am to 11am and will look at how you can increase your brand exposure and conversion rate for your ecommerce store through improving your listings. The idea behind the seminar is to try and improve your listing details to make it easier for customers to find your products both on product searches and when browsing the marketplace Internationally. 

The second webinar will be held exactly one week after the first one Wednesday 26th September at the same time and will look at how you can take advantage of the busy Christmas selling period focussing more so on being prepared for the busy customer traffic through monitoring your stock and data through analytics and stock control. The online seminar will also look at some of the problems you may encounter during the festive period and how to overcome them. Check out 'Royal Mail looking to help businesses through the Christmas rush' to get some more information about many of the problems you may experience over the Xmas period.

Over the Christmas period more than any other time of the year, stock control is of the utmost importance. With literally millions of people looking to purchase products online for friends and family, running out of stock during this period is going to result in you missing out on a large number of sales. If you have a number of online selling platforms or are just struggling to keep track of your stock levels, you can use some stock synchronisation software to keep track of all your stock levels across all of your platforms. As we at eSellution are currently offering users a free ecommerce store, you can sign up now with eSellution and get this stock synchronisation for your online stores for free, well in time for the Christmas rush. 

While both of these seminars are aimed at improving your conversion rate through Amazon, the techniques and information you will gain through this seminar can also be applied to all other forms of online selling such as your eBay store or other ecommerce selling platforms.

Register for the web seminars using the links below.

Improve your listing quality to maximise your exposure and conversion:

How to maintain a good performance for the Chrismas period and beyond: 

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