Tuesday, 18 September 2012

eBay application keeps buyers informed

eBay have released an update for their mobile app, RedLaser, allowing shoppers to gain more information about a particular offline store they are visiting as well as offers running in some online stores

Using GPS in the users phone, the application can locate which store you are in and then proceed to give you more information about what products are available to purchase from that store. However, it isn't just a list of products that the application provides, it will also give users all the details they need regarding any promotions or discounts that are in the store, any delivery charges they may be required to pay and also details regarding product warranties.

While this may seem like a beneficial application for offline shopping, it can also help boost an online store's mobile commerce. When a customer visits a local store and finds out about all the products that are available for sale, they may provide that the store does not have the product they were looking for or that it's too expensive. Generally, the next step for most shoppers will be to use the app in order to try and find a cheaper online alternative. If you run an eBay store that offers the product they require at a reasonable price, there is a good chance that the user may visit your store and purchase the product from you.

In any eBay store, customer reviews are important in achieving sales, and the app is no different. The feature allows customers to leave feedback on a specific products and stores, allowing future buyers to make a more informed decision when deciding whether to buy a product or not. If you sell products that have received good reviews, it is more likely that more customers will feel more customers will feel comfortable in buying the product.

Another feature of the application is to increase the sales for some businesses by offering added marketing through the suggested items feature. How this works is that the application looks at all of the products you have recently viewed and then provides you with a list of similar products that you may also be interested in. What this means is that if a user is interested in products related to what your ecommerce store offers, there is a chance that they would become aware of your store based on your products appearing on the suggested list.

The application is free to download on iPhone and will soon be available on android.

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