Tuesday, 11 September 2012

eBay's latest promotion spelling the end of listing fees for certain categories?

eBay have announced yet another promotion this month, providing free listings until the end of 2012 for all items sold within the outdoor sports category.

This promotion applies to both fixed price and auction-style listings made by those both with and without an eBay store. However, the offer is only available on products listed on the "eBay.com" and "eBay Canada" domains. 

The free listings promotion began at the beginning of this month and will end on December 31st so there's plenty of time for outdoor sports sellers to take advantage of this offer. This is just one of the many offers that have been run by eBay in recent months as the "Sports Memorabilia," "Cards" and "Fan Shop" categories are also having free listing promotions until the end of 2012. 

This flurry of free listing offers until the end of the year as prompted many to begin speculating about the possibility of eBay making some listings free indefinitely at some point in the future. While this would make it much more accessible for everyone to begin listing products for free, if this were to happen, it could result in the marketplace becoming flooded with substandard "junk" as many people will begin listing any old rubbish as they don't have to worry about paying a listing fee on the item. 

Another concern is that with the increased volume of items this would bring, it may be difficult for some eBay buyers to find the items they are looking for. This could result in many buyers becoming frustrated with the process, opting to try and find the item on another website, thus resulting in some online stores losing out on business.

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