Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Royal Mail looking to help businesses through the Christmas rush

As all ecommerce sellers gear up for a busy Christmas period, organising your deliveries so that they reach your customers on the required day can often be difficult. To help with this busy period, Royal Mail have released their Christmas Planning Guide, which provides online stores with all the information they will need when it comes to delivering items with the company.

The website provides online sellers with all the information they may require such as all the dates for late postage both in the UK and International, highlighting different days, depending on the shipping method. This will allow you to plan ahead to ensure that all of your products are shipped out to customers before the delivery deadline passes. The last thing you want is to have a customer purchase a product as a Christmas present, only for you to be unable to deliver it to them by Christmas. This will most likely result in the order being cancelled and the person not using your ecommerce store in the future. 

Royal Mail have also promised on their site that their "Delivery to a neighbour" programme will be up and running nationally in time for the festive period. The idea behind this is to make their services more convenient for all involved by allowing items that are too big for a letterbox to be left with a neighbour, should the customer not be in to receive the package. 

For those shipping products to International customers, Royal Mail offers two delivery methods; "Airsure" which is a fully tracked service delivering to 30 different countries and "International Signed For" which is an International signature based service. 

The site also boasts a number of different statistics and tips give you information regarding ecommerce selling during Christmas 2011. To try and quash many fears both customers and sellers have about their products not arriving on time or at all due to the heavy workload faced by delivery companies, Royal Mail have announced that they will be employing 22,000 extra workers to help with the increased traffic during the Christmas period. While you may not begin planning for the Christmas rush just yet, you should have this page bookmarked in your browser for when you need it. 

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