Monday, 8 October 2012

Add an extra dimension to your store with product videos

When running an ecommerce store, the more you can inform a customer, the more likely they are going to trust you as a seller and be willing to purchase from you. 

Traditionally, the best way to provide information about a product is through a number of different images showing the product from different angles and having a detailed description included. While this has been an effective tool for both people who run an ecommerce store and others who may have other stores such as an eBay store, with growing levels of convergence across all media platforms, you may want to start looking at how videos can help provide a different experience for the shopper. 

Not only do videos on your online store allow you to give your customers a whole new shopping experience, a video allows you to provide your customers with much more information than they would get from just images and text. A video allows you to not only show the customer the product, but also shows it in action. For example, if they product was a lawn mower, you may want to show a video of someone using it to mow the lawn. Whereas, if it was an item of clothing, you may want to show someone walking around with the clothing item on. Also, rather than having a text description, you can place a voice over on top of the video, providing the audience with added information while they watch the video. 

One of the main benefits of a product video, apart from the obvious added product information, is the ability to help build up brand trust in the eyes of the customer by allowing them to actually see what they are buying and for them to hear a friendly voice. While they can't actually see the person who would be talking on the video, hearing the voice gives your business a personal identity and reassures the customer that they would be purchasing from a trustworthy store.

If you currently just sell on eBay, who do not offer this feature, you may want to think about expanding your business to have an ecommerce store that would allow you to take advantage of this marketing medium. As we at eSellution are currently offering a customers a free ecommerce store, when you sign up with us, you will also be able to add a video on to each of your products by simply inserting the embed code.

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