Monday, 29 October 2012

An alternative to eBay Gallery Plus that will save you money

eBay Gallery Plus works by having a larger zoomed in image when a user moves their cursor over a product image on the search results page. The benefit of this being that a potential customer is able to see the product you have for sale in greater details, enticing them to select your product to purchase. 

However, while you may think this is a good feature, the problem arises in terms of how much it will cost the user. While some of eBay's categories offer this feature as a free addition to their listings, many don't, meaning that more often than not, you will have to pay the $0.75 when you list your product and when you list 1000's of products in your ecommerce store, the costs soon mount up. 

In addition to that, if you have a product that you list in a number of different categories, you will have to pay a fee for eBay Gallery Plus for each category. So for example, if you list a a sports video game, you may decide to have that in the Sports category and the Electronics category, meaning you will need to pay $1.50 to have Gallery Plus added to the listing. 

So what's the alternative?

The ecommerce software we provide here at eSellution is not only free in terms of allowing users to set up their online store, Facebook store, mobile store and integrate it all with their eBay accounts, it also allows users to add products to their ecommerce store and then add them to eBay. This means that as the images are on our servers, you won't be required to any image hosting fees to eBay.

In addition to this, all of our ecommerce templates have the zoom in feature added to all of the products, meaning that when a customer moves their cursor over a product image, they are able to see a bigger zoomed in image of that product. You can also export this ecommerce template on to your eBay store, allowing you to improve your business's professional brand image. 

If you run an ecommerce store selling a number of different products, being able to avoid paying image hosting fees could save you a substantial amount of money each year. Our free ecommerce store and the services it provides all have no monthly fee, no set up costs and no other hidden charges whatsoever.

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