Friday, 26 October 2012

eBay break world record

Reading the title of this article you might think that eBay must have broken the record for the biggest online marketplace or the most online sales over a specific period of time? In fact, you're way off. eBay have just broken the record for having the fastest milk float. Yes, you read that right, a milk float.

A few months ago motoring expert Edd China and British Touring Car Championship racer Tom Onslow-Cole were set the challenge by eBay Motors of turning a regular milk float into a racing car, using only the parts they could get off the motoring section of the eBay marketplace. 

The pair struck gold when the managed to source a V8 engine from the site, allowing them to truly give this regular milk float a real burst of speed. After months of hard work, scraping together and installing a number of different parts, they tested the milk float at the Transport Research Laboratory in Berkshire and found that the fastest recorded time they achieved was 77.53 mph, a new world record.

Check out a video released by eBay Motors to see all of the action unfold. 

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