Wednesday, 10 October 2012

New eBay delivery program set for UK launch

eBay are set to launch the Fast 'N Free delivery program in the UK during the second half of October. 

The program has already been launched in the United States and Australia and has been tested on the site throughout September. In case you are unsure what the Fast N' Free is, it's a  program that allows an eBay store to have the Fast 'N Free shipping logo appear on their products if they offer free shipping. This logo is a guarantee to customers that their is a high probability that they will receive their order within 4 working days. 

To qualify for the Fast 'N Free program, you must offer free postage and have an estimated delivery of 3 working days or less. To be able to have your ecommerce store deliver a product within 3 working days, you either must offer 1 day dispatch or use a next day delivery service. If you have products that fulfil this criteria, the logo will automatically appear on the relevant products. 

Having the program released well before the Christmas rush allows online stores to increase their traffic and sales by ensuring to their customers, that if they purchase a product for their store before a certain cut off date, the Fast 'N Free program makes sure that they will get their products in time for Christmas. 

While not all eBay stores will want to offer free shipping, if you do rely on customers finding your products through the search feature, you may want to look into the possibility of changing your shipping procedure in order to qualify for this program. Although not all customers will do this, some may opt to simply look for products that display the Fast 'N Free logo, as they know it is a product that they will be able to receive as quickly as possible. 

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