Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Pinterest better than Facebook?

With an increase in interactivity, content and total users, is Pinterest becoming a better social media platform than Facebook in being able to drive customers to your ecommerce store and bring in sales?

In the UK alone, Pinterest has seen a growth in visits of 786% in the last year from 901,761 to 7,985,316. As we have said time and time again here at eSellution, for any business big and small looking to achieve online success, Pinterest is a social media platform that you must be taking advantage of and incorporate into your marketing campaign.

According to a research carried out earlier this year by jewellery and accessories retailer,, Pinterest is now a better social media platform at driving sales than Facebook. Figures released by the site showed that not only did Pinterest make up 10% of their online sales, compared to 7% from Facebook, the average amount spent per user was more than twice as much spent as by Facebook users.

Why is Pinterest doing so well? 

The success of Pinterest when compared to Facebook comes from in the ease in which you can have a customer engage with your products. Facebook has limitations meaning, although you can post status updates and links, if you post a number of different product images on your news feeds, your followers are only going to be able to see a maximum of 4 of these images unless they decide to open up the album and view the rest. Pinterest's board allows a business to post as many images as they like on to a board, meaning when a user views that board, they are instantly exposed to all of the product images the online store has on show. 

The fact that a user can see more products on Pinterest without having to actually click on anything, means that it is more likely you are going to interest different people in different products. This interest then encourages more people to visit the only store and thus is what is causing the higher conversion rate than Facebook.

However, although Facebook's conversion rate was lower than Pinterest in one case study, you shouldn't count out the social media giants. After celebrating reaching the 1 billion monthly users mark last month and having a number of new advertising features being integrated into the platform each day, Facebook is still is very important channel for increasing your brand image and driving traffic to your site. 

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