Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Is Pinterest the best for your business?

Okay, so you've decided to embark on a social media campaign to increase the social media standing of your online store. When prioritising which platforms to focus on your decide that Facebook and Twitter is the best way to go as they traditionally have been the best platforms for success. However, is Pinterest now usurping Facebook and Twitter's dominance as being the best social media platform for an ecommerce business?

While Pinterest has a substantially lower average monthly usage than the other two social media platforms, it can be a much more efficient tool for your eBay, Facebook store or any other ecommerce store you may have, as it's overall package can be much more efficient in helping improve your business as a whole. 

Although Facebook allows you to post a variety of content such as videos, images and status updates, Pinterest allows you to not only promote all of the products your store sells, but allows people who aren't linked to your account to stumble across them and then use your account as a gateway to purchase from your store. 

The success of Pinterest comes in its minimalist design, relying on purely a visceral appeal through its images, rather than using text or any other content to add weight. Added to that is the levels of engagement it creates as users are able to visit and ecommerce store of a product image they have discovered, share it with friends or leave a comment for others to read.

From the perspective on an online store, this is a great marketing channel to use in conjunction with your ecommerce software, allowing you to increase your brand image, as more users can view your products and potentially share them with their friends, increase traffic to your site through the profile links placed on the image as you originally "Pinned" the image and increase your conversion rate as you know anyone visiting your store through this channel has done so because they are already interested in one particular product. 

While you shouldn't overlook other social media platforms and focus solely on Pinterest, the success of any business social media campaign lies in being able to  effectively incorporate Pinterest along with all other social media platforms in equal weighting. Whenever you have a new product or range added to your store, you should update your Pinterest content to ensure that any new images are placed on your relevant boards.

The success of Pinterest's layout is emphasised by the fact that eBay are employing a similar layout style as their new home page design within the coming weeks. 

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