Friday, 5 October 2012

Why 1 billion Facebook users is good for us all...

Yesterday, Facebook announced that they had finally reached the one billion mark of users who were actively logging into their accounts each month. Looking at it globally, that's around a massive 1 in every 7 people on the face of the planet logging into the social media site.

Although the majority of these users use the social media site to interact with friends, post status updates and add photos, within Q2 , around 84% of the site's revenue was generated from advertising and with the number of new advertising features that have recently been added, this figure is set to increase in the coming months and years.

While you may only be able to reach a small percentage of these people, a small percentage of 1 billion is still a significant number and having your brand exposed across this platform is a great way to not only make people aware of your online store, but also increase the number of sales you can achieve, helping your business become a greater success.

In recent months, the public troubles Facebook have faced in terms of their falling share price and waning customer satisfaction, many people have questioned the sites future and it's ability to truly help any business. However, the recent introduction of added marketing platforms within the site, serves as a great way to help give your ecommerce store that much needed boost in brand awareness.  

The truth is while people are growing annoyed with the new timeline feature and the new advertising additions, many users both store owners and customers need Facebook to still be a huge social media platform. For startup businesses that doesn't have much to spend on advertising and marketing, having a free social media platform with 1 billion users to target is invaluable, making the difference between whether your business gets of the ground or struggles to do anything at all. 

From the perspective of the consumer, the more users actively getting involved with Facebook each month, the more resources brands are going to put into making the social media platform a success. This means customers will be exposed to more stores and come across more great value prices as well as find out about the various offers that are running across different stores. In terms of business promotion, Facebook is a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers alike. 

While everyone knows that in order to achieve either social media or social commerce success within Facebook, you must first create your own business page. However, in terms of self promotion, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Facebook also boosts a number of different added marketing channels to advertise your business such as promoting your ads so that they appear at the top of the search bar and or within users newsfeeds, having users share your relevant pages with their friends and having any articles or content you produced appear within the trending articles feature on users newsfeed page. 

Although some of these added marketing features require you to actually pay from them, as opposed to only having a business page that allows you to post status updates and content for free, these added features allow you to advertise your brand beyond the people who follow your business page or are people who are friends of people who do. The features allow you to reach people who you may have struggled to reach through other methods and while these definitely aren't for everyone, they are just things you should consider when running your online business. 

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