Friday, 25 March 2011

Unlimited Products in your eCommerce Solution

Intuitive product builder from eSellution, your ecommerce solution has unlimited products associated with it. This means no matter how many products you have in your store it will never be too small or have restrictions. An important part of selling is allowing the customers to interact with your products before they checkout. Here are some features that are incorporated into your ecommerce design :

1) Unlimited Products
2) Unlimited Product Images
3) Simple and secure Checkout
4) Ebay, Facebook, Amazon and Google Shopping Integration

Use the import feature to upload product information quickly to your store. The export feature will allow you to manage customer, product, and order information by exporting all of your data into a spreadsheet format. These features allow for added convenience as you can edit various features of your shopping cart at the same time with ease.

The import/export feature:

1) Allows you to import product titles, images, descriptions and categories
2) Has the ability to export product, and order information for management purposes in third party software.
3) Can import and export your entire database for mass edits.

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