Friday, 8 April 2011

Looking to change website provider

There are plenty of reasons why people switch shopping carts. Whether you've outgrown your existing shopping cart, are disgruntled with the customer service, or need more control over your online business, it's time for you to change website and get to the next level.

1. The easiest way to change website provider

There are many providers that offer services like adding a shopping cart. The problem is that most of them were built for people with technical knowledge. The dashboard may make sense to a web programmer but for the business owner who wants to sell online it can be a hard task figuring things out. The eSellution dashboard has been developed with the business owner in mind, and so all the features are easy to setup and use. Most of our users will learn the basic features such as designing the website, adding products and processing orders within just a few minutes.

Import your products, customers and orders in one quick function through our eSellution dashboard. Use a .csv or .xml file to import all of your current stores information and change website to us with seamless integration. If you want to keep your current store design we offer a bespoke design service that will be implemented by our professional design team.

2. Get visitors to your website

eSellution has put a major emphasis on marketing your website and getting you visitors. We use online marketing techniques such as an integrated SEO tool that will help your store reach top listings within search engines, for your keywords. You are able to customise meta tags for each page and product, generate an xml sitemap and create rich-keyword content. With these features your online store will be able to achieve good search engine results for your keywords.

3. Free Technical and Customer Support

All of our clients receive free and unlimited Technical and Customer support. Our clients are able to call, email and chat with our professionally trained technical and customer service advisors. We also have a comprehensive FAQ section to learn about eSellution and how adding a shopping cart can be so simple.

4. No Hidden Fees

Our start up fee is now FREE, you simply pay a flat monthly fee based on your selected package (Starting at £29.99/month). We do not take any commission on your sales like other ecommerce providers, so if you change website to us, we guarantee that you will receive all profits from your online store.

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