Monday, 11 April 2011

Mobile Commerce, growth and its far reaching potential

The mobile commerce also known as m-commerce explosion of recent times has seemingly corresponded with the growth of the smart phone market, and its apparent advantages such as faster and more coherent mobile web options. This is all the more evident when we take into consideration that the rate of global mobile web content growth is currently outpacing its counterparts, with most companies with a sense of market understanding and value now having a mobile commerce site or application, allowing for a wider marketing pool and an option for consumers to only ever be a click away from them. The opportunities for organisations small or large through the means of mobile commerce it seems are indefinite however; getting it right is of vital importance.

There are many advantages associated with m-commerce such as consumers being able to access services by their device remotely, anywhere and at any time they choose, therefore it is essential that the application or site is built with the consumer in mind, removing any hiccups that would force the consumer into a lengthy process of ordering, as this will result in them losing interest and going somewhere else. Security of the m-commerce site or application is yet another issue that must be tackled by organisations ensuring that all personal information provided is done so privately and with integrity, Security is still the largest hurdle when looking at m-commerce. Consumers and businesses alike must ensure that their information is protected from hackers, viruses etc..... therefore this must be resolved and done so diligently.

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