Monday, 23 May 2011

Starting an Online Business? - Guide 7 - Advertising The Website

The majority of advertising that an ecommerce solution produces will be performed online although other traditional methods can still impact website visitors. A lot of business that is generated on a website still comes from word of mouth and print advertising, so by having a relevant offline advertising campaign can push potential customers to the website or directly to the shopping cart software. An advertising campaign does not have to take a big slice of your budget if done correctly and used in the right areas. The following areas need to be included in your advertising campaign, both online and offline:

Corporate Identity: All the businesses corporate identity which will include all literature, printed advertisements, business cards and stationery should contain the businesses web address. If the web address is not shown, then people will assume that the business does not have a website. If a special advertisement is made in a magazine or newspaper then a unique web page must be made so the potential customer knows exactly where to go on the ecommerce solution, this web address must be included in advertisement displayed such as ‘’.

Create Articles for Internet Publishing: Write about the product or service the business is providing. The internet is now the biggest source of information for people, so by having your articles accepted in online newsletters and publications will essentially be free advertising for the business as the articles will include your business name and web address.

Local Advertising: Radio stations and branded signs can let potential customers know what your business entails and where to find your website. By choosing relevant areas and time slots a business can generate traffic boosts for the advertising campaign.

Networking: Local and National networking events can play a huge part in getting a business recognised. All material that the business person takes with them should incorporate the website address from exhibition stands to business cards.

Seminars: Many businesses now offer to speak about their sector, such as shopping cart software or ecommerce and how they can help businesses. I have spoken to many small business groups, networking groups and trade companies and the feedback has always been positive and generated leads. Most of these groups do not pay for speakers so they always want volunteer speakers. The groups normally book a few months ahead so plan the seminar around relevant topics at that time.

Having a successful advertising campaign that includes your web address on all media is now a necessity for any business that has a website. By including relevant business information in all your advertising will gain the website traffic and potentially sales.

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