Friday, 6 July 2012

The eBay Revolution

The eBay Revolution

The History of eBay

eBay started as the brainchild of Pierre Omidyar, a computer programmer, and his wife.  They wanted to sell their goods to other collectors online within a trustworthy environment. This website was named “Auctionweb” which was later renamed “eBay.” Over the past 16 years eBay has grown to be the most successful and biggest online business environment in the history of the internet. The website is able to provide millions of people with the opportunity to sell their merchandise online via an eBay store. The merchandise ranges from small toys and games to cars and houses. eBay software has become a global platform for trading online and it still continues to grow today.

The site provides a safe and simple eBay platform in which people can sell their merchandise online, in exchange for a small fee. In return for this fee, users are instantly part of a website that has gained world wide trust with customers through its high levels of security. However, these fees are only changed to the business owner in order to promote their business. Customers are not changed any additional fees besides those required to purchase the product.

The main benefit of eBay is that the site has an International brand recognition. This means that the potential customers who can see your business is endless. The sheer size of the website means that whatever product you may be looking for, there are a number of different stores which provide these items.

A large part of the levels of trust and security eBay has built up in the last few years comes in its ‘Positive Feedback’ scheme.  This allows customers who have already purchased from a specific eBay store to give feedback for other potential customers to see. Large amounts of positive feedback allows you to gain higher levels of trust with new customers. 

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