Friday, 6 July 2012

The Rise of Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

The Rise of Mobile Commerce

In the last few years, mobile commerce (m-commerce) has become a key sales method by allowing customers to purchase products from your store through their smartphones.

Mobile commerce will also present organisations with a very relevant and new means of advertising platform, allowing you to reach your customer base instantly with offers, sales and promotions, building an instant relationship of trust and commitment between potential customers and the organisation and encouraging brand development and customer loyalty.

With over 91% of all adults in the UK owning a mobile phone and 27% of those users owning smartphones, the potential customer base available for your mobile commerce store is endless.

Although the ease of being able to transact anywhere, at anytime can seem an attractive proposition, the benefits can sometimes be offset by unsatisfying customer experiences. Therefore it is essential that organisations using mobile commerce stores adhere to the same quality standards as their online stores. Effective manageable and integrated shopping cart software is as important to an m-commerce store, providing the same customer experience and ecommerce cart or risk losing more business than they gain.

The introduction of 4G will aid and impact mobile commerce dramatically as this means people can download and access sites faster and more efficiently than ever before driving consumers to your site and encouraging mobile search dramatically. This will create the opportunity for customers to access an enormous range of information and services securely, in real time.

This of course requires companies to ensure that their websites are WAP enabled, and that they are developed with the m-commerce consumer in mind, adopting the philosophy of simplicity, whereby products and services are easy to find, the site is easy to navigate around. This requires the site to provide an all round customer service from the first moment the customer accesses the site, to when purchase of a product is made. As a result, this will allow the mobile commerce site to create greater levels of customer satisfaction, resulting in future repeat business.

How can eSellution help you target this new Demographic?

With the constantly growing sale of smartphones throughout the UK, the number of sales made through smartphones has also seen a dramatic increase. When establishing an online ecommerce store, expanding your store to include mobile commerce sales enables you to not only increase your potential customers but also create wider brand recognition.

eSellutions provides you with the tools needed to optimise your site to allow customers to make sales through mobile devices. The one click feature available on mobile devices allows customers to purchase items from your store in a matter of minutes. While many users may find it difficult to view products on the move, the eSellutions’ mobile commerce dashboard allows you to swipe, pinch and zoom in on the products for sale. This gives you a good look at a product before the customer makes any purchase.

3G and 4G mobile technology also allows you to incorporate videos on to your mobile commerce site. This means that in addition to you providing pictures of your products and services, you can also upload videos of your products. This allows you to increase your advertising avenues to create greater levels of interactivity for the customer.

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