Thursday, 12 July 2012

Managing Your eBay Store - Insertion Fees

When setting up your online eBay store, one the many things you need to factor into your profit and loss information is how much you will have to spend on item insertion fees.

Insertion fee costs will vary depending on the level of eBay subscription you currently have. There are currently three different eBay subscription levels; 'Basic,' 'Featured' and 'Anchor.' With each of these three packages you receive a different number of features. 

When listing one item on your eBay store, if you have the 'Basic' or 'Featured' package, you will be required to pay an insertion fee of £0.10 and £0.05 respectively. While this may not seem like much, when you are listing 1000's of items, the costs can soon eat into your profits. 

One of the benefits of the 'Anchor' subscription is that you will not be required to pay any insertion fees whatsoever. However, as the 'Basic' subscription costs £14.99 and the 'Anchor' costs £349.99 it is up to you to decide whether the overall benefits of the anchor package are worth paying the added monthly cost. 

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