Thursday, 12 July 2012

Help Your eBay Store Sell Worldwide

With 97 million shoppers across 14 countries, have you thought about selling the products in your online eBay store to an International market?

However, before embarking on International sales, there are a number of factors you must consider.

Target The Right Market For Your Business

The key to selling products Internationally is to find a gap in the market where your product will be able to prosper. Broadening your market will help increase traffic to your store, but only if the market is interested in your product. For example, there is no point selling video games that are region specific to a part of the world that can't play it.

International Postage Costs

However, before selling your products to various countries, you must first check what shipping or customs costs will need to be covered. Depending on these costs, you may find that you only sell certain items to an international market. For example, if you are selling a product for £6, you will find that international customers are unlikely to purchase the product if they will have to pay an additional £4 in postage costs.

Additional Seller Fees

When listing your products on eBay sites in other countries, you will be required to pay additional fees. These fees will vary depending on which country you are posting your items in. Be sure to factor in these fees to your figures before deciding whether or not to open up to an International market.

Payment Process

Ensure your eBay store can receive Paypal payments. While eBay allows you to use a number of different payment methods worldwide, Paypal is a universal payment method that is simple and can be used by anyone. Although you will be required to pay a fee to Paypal in order to carry out the transaction, it is a safe and easier way to carry out any transactions compared to other International payment methods.


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