Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New Final Value Fee Cap For eBay Sellers

On Tuesday 10 July, eBay increased its final value fee (FVF) for private sellers from £40 to £75. What this means is that for example, if you sell an item such as a laptop for £750, you will be required to pay a FVF of 10% which is £75. If you sell something that costs more than £750, the maximum fee you will have to pay will be £75. So even if you sell something for £1000 ,you will still only have to pay £75 in final value fees.

While this change happened two weeks ago, many eBay sellers have been surprised by the new final value fee when it has come to selling a product. When selling items privately on eBay, you should factor in this added cost before placing the listing to make sure you are happy with your profit on the item. Once the transaction has gone through, you will still be required to pay the new FVF even if you previously didn't know about it.

However, while the the FVF has changed, listing fees have stayed the same. Also, if you are privately selling motor vehicles, property or classifieds, these new final value fees will not apply. The fee will also remain unchanged for business sellers.

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