Monday, 9 July 2012

eSellution Services - Manage Your Stores Inventory and Statistics

Statistical Information and Analytics

Inventory reports available with eSellution to manage and analyse your business

Serious online businesses need serious analysis.  After the initial start-up up of your online business it is vital that you are able to analyse all activity to measure success levels, and sustain control of operations as your business grows in terms of size and product portfolios. 

Choose a business you can trust to manage your ecommerce store’s analytics and statistical information.  eSellution provides inventory to sales forecasts, a collection of statistical data that will fulfil even the largest of companies; a list of services which are all offered as part of our £49.99 monthly package.

See below for further insight into what we offer and a peak at our professional and easy-to-use dashboard.

1)  View most purchased products
You are also able to track which platform they are sold from via the dashboard.

2) Best Sellers

3) Stock Synchronisation
Our system implements accurate control of your stock; meaning no products are
oversold, and saving you time and effort

4) Product Inventory Reports

5) Customer inventory reports

6) Export to Microsoft Excel
All reports can be exported to Excel for additional data processing.

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