Friday, 31 August 2012

eBay's free listing promotion

eBay have announced that between the 1st-9th of September, private sellers will be able to list items for free. 

As any listing of 99p or less is already free, eBay have now given users the ability to list up to 150 items over this price with no cost for the first 9 days of September. However, the promotion is only available to eBay sellers living in the UK.

Any products listed below the £1 threshold will not count towards this promotion and will count towards your 100 monthly limit

Items listed in "Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles" and "Property" will be excluded from being able to take part in this promotion.

Also, if you use professional listing tools such as "Turbo Lister" or "Selling Manager Pro" you will also be unable to take advantage of this promotion. 

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