Friday, 31 August 2012

Mobile marketing and the power it holds - Statistics included

While everyone tends to use email marketing to advertise their online business and the products they sell, many business tends to overlook mobile marketing as they believe that this form of marketing bears very little results. In fact, in some cases mobile marketing can be a much better promotional tool than it's email counterpart.

Here are a few statistics that may help to open your eyes about how successful mobile marketing could be for your business:

  • 61% of local searches on a mobile device then result in a phone call
  • 52% of all advertisements seen on a mobile device result in a phone call
  • 91% of all mobile phone owners have their phones within arms length
  • By 2016 mobile marketing will make up 15.2% of all global online advertising 

Although pretty much everyone has an email account, some people may only check their inbox once day. In comparison, the average user checks their mobile phone over 100 times a day. This means that when you are sending out a mobile marketing campaign, you have a greater chance of your message being seen by a user than you would if you were to send it out by email.

Following on from this, to view an email, the user has to actually willingly click on the on the link to then open it up. This means that your email needs to be successful in two different stages, the subject heading and the message itself.  When a person receives a SMS message on their phone, generally the users will first have to open up the message to then delete it from their inbox. Not only does this give your message instant exposure, but it also increases the likelihood of your message being successful, as the will be instantly exposed to your message. Even if they decide to then delete the message, they will still have become aware of your brand. 

Another benefit of mobile marketing is the ability to incorporate other forms of marketing into the device. With over 835 million smartphone users worldwide all using their phones to send messages, view websites and interact through social media, the ability to reach your audience has never been greater. It isn't just SMS marketing that can have success of a mobile phone. With 44% of Facebook's 900+ million users accessing the platform on their mobile devices, if you decide to run a promotion on a social media site such as Facebook and Twitter, the user will receive a notification on their phone regarding the post, if they already follow you. This 44% are also twice as active on Facebook as those who access the social media site via their desktop computers. While this is not strictly mobile marketing, more social media marketing, it just gives you an idea of the potential all forms of mobile marketing hold in gaining a brand image for your ecommerce store.

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