Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Facebook stores and the importance of having one

As businesses look to sell their products to as many people as possible, they are now exploring new and innovative ways to sell these products across different platforms. This has resulted in the belief that mobile commerce will be the next big thing in online selling. Although this is true, other platforms for selling your products shouldn't be overlooked as they can still provide you with a large number of customers. One of these platforms that has seemed to have gained a particular bad rep over the last few months is the Facebook store.

The general belief of many people is that Facebook stores are only beneficial to large brands who have millions of followers regularly engaging with them. However, while this selling platform is a great addition to large corporate brands, Facebook stores are equally important for anyone running a small online ecommerce store. The great value of Facebook is, and always will be, the enormous amount of people using the social media site every day. While their numbers and share prices have seemingly dwindled in recent months, the number of active users the site has is still substantially higher than any other social media site. 

Now you may read this and think "I already have a Facebook fan page for my business, why would I need a Facebook store?" Well although a Facebook fan or business page does allow you to make users aware of your online store, having a Facebook store will allow you to take advantage of a customer's buying impulse. If you don't have a Facebook store and a customer sees an item of your Facebook business page that they like, they would then have to leave Facebook in order to navigate to your website, find the product in your store and then complete the checkout process. Right from the start you may end up losing customers as they may be reluctant to leave Facebook to go to a third party site. Furthermore, if the customer does decide to leave Facebook to take a trip to your online store, by the time the customer has gone from Facebook to your site and found the product, they may have lost that impulse to buy that they previously had meaning they will no longer want it.

Having a Facebook store means that customers can instantly buy items from you through Facebook. They don't have to visit another site, they don't have to then locate the product all over again and most importantly, they can instantly act on their buying impulse. When they see an item of yours that they like on Facebook, they simply select it and complete the whole procedure without ever leaving the social media site. 

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