Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The future of ecommerce selling and customer engagement

Every few years there is the next big boom that is going revolutionise the face of ecommerce selling forever. First it was the creation of a website, then it was the introduction of social media and now it's the growth of mobile commerce. As it currently stands, one out of every ten sales made from an online store are through a mobile device and this is going to continually increase until eventually it surpasses online selling. 

With 27% of all adults in the UK now using smartphones, you should look to invest in mobile commerce for your store if you haven't already. If you don't know what mobile commerce is, essentially it is making your website mobile friendly. If a person goes on a site through a smartphone that isn't mobile friendly, the website is displayed as it would be if they were viewing it through a browser on your computer. Mobile commerce changes how your store will look on a mobile phone, making it easier to navigate through the different pages and purchase a product. 

If a person tries to purchase a product on their smartphone from a store that doesn't have mobile commerce, they are going to find it very tricky to actually purchase the item as they will constantly have to zoom in and go through a number of different pages to actually get to the checkout stage. Having a mobile friendly site allows customers to purchase products much easier without having to zoom in on any pages and only going through a few simple steps to purchase a product. 

Having a mobile commerce option for your online store will great improve your conversion rate on that particular platform as customers will no longer become frustrated and bored by a non-mobile friendly process. With the amount of customers purchasing items items through mobile phones set to continue increasing, it is pivotal that you have a mobile commerce store to truly maximise your sales. 

The increase in the number of smartphone users isn't just changing the way customers purchase products, it is also changing the way store owners target those customers. Mobile marketing allows you to dramatically increase the presence you have in the lives of your customers. The restriction with most other forms of marketing is that, to reach their audience, they would need to actually be sat in front of a computer screen or television. As people are sat within arms reach of their mobile phone for 90% of an entire day, mobile marketing is allowing you to instantly reach your customers at any time. This reach is further amplified through the use of SMS marketing. Although many people consider this form of marketing to be a bit like spam, it ensures that your message is reaching a large audience.  When carrying out an email marketing campaign, your email could be sent out and then placed in the rubbish bin by all of your recipients without them even looking at your message. The benefit of an SMS message is that pretty much all of the recipients will read your message and become aware of your store, even if they then decide to delete the message straight after.

There are many benefits to running and marketing your store across mobile platforms. If you haven't already begun incorporating mobile commerce in to your online ecommerce business, you should now be looking to take steps to ensure you are planning to develop the mobile commerce side of your business in the near future. 

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