Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Why your ecommerce store needs a custom eBay template

Whether you have recently just set up an eBay store or have been running one for a number of years, how your store is perceived by customers is going to dictate whether they decide to make a purchase or not. 

When you first set up your store, you receive a generic template which you can then add products to for customers to purchase. If you are new to running an online store you may think that this is just an easy and time saving feature that allows you to get your store up and running as soon as possible. While this is true, the look and feel of your store has a substantial effect on the number of customers that visit your store and how many of those visiting customers then decide to make a purchase. 

If you have followed the guidelines that I have outlined in previous posts (see related posts at the bottom of this article) before setting up your online store, you will have analysed who your target customers are and how many rival stores are also selling the same products. It is these stores that you will be competing with for customers and sales. This is where the look of your eBay store template is going to have huge importance. If you have say 10 rival stores all selling the same products and 6 of them all use the generic eBay template, from the view point of the customer, what is going to make your store look any different from the other 6 when they first visit it? The answer is not alot. You may have better items, lower prices and better customer service, but the look of your store is going to be the factor that decides whether they purchase from your store. 

How your store looks instantly helps the customer decide whether they want to proceed further into your store or bounce back to the search results. A professional store front with appealing colours, graphics and layout is going to entice the customer into looking through your products to see if there is anything they wish to purchase. Even if someone purchases from your store while you have a generic eBay template, the template will only serve to make your store much less memorable, making it more unlikely that the customer will return again in the future to make another purchase. In the eyes of the customer they will simply be buying a product from a random eBay store they found, rather than visiting a professional eBay store with a established brand image. 

In a competitive market that has a number of eBay stores all using generic templates, it is those stores that have their own customer eBay template that are going to see the most customers and more importantly, the most sales. A custom eBay template sets you out from the rest and gives your business a unique brand identity. This build up in your brand, when combined with your custom eBay store template, creates the image of a professional business that is more trustworthy in the eyes of visiting customers. As all eBay store owners know, trust is probably the most important factor for a customer when deciding which store to purchase from. The more trust customers have in your store, the more sales you are going to have, it's that simple. 

Depending on your own level of website design or coding experience, the ability to create a customer eBay template is going to be easier for some than others. If you don't have any design or coding experience, you can still great a unique and innovative design by purchasing one as part of an ecommerce software package

We at eSellution offer over 80 unique, professional eBay templates for you to select from. No matter what your own personal taste is or the products you sell are, there is a template that is perfectly designed for your eBay store. You can click here for more information on eSellution's ecommerce software: eSellution's Custom eBay Templates

With thousands upon thousands of eBay stores in the UK alone, creating any edge to help your eBay store stand out from the rest is going to massively help increase the success of your store. 

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