Thursday, 9 August 2012

Maximise your business with multichannel management

A whopping 87% percent of the world's biggest marketing decision makers believe that marketing your online store or business across multichannel platforms will result in a significant increase in sales and profit.  The survey, conducted by an American research and advisory firm, asked 226 organisations in the US, Canada, Germany, Scandinavian countries, Singapore and the UK to analyse the the performance of multichannel marketing in improving an online business. 

Multichannel marketing involves sending out information about your business to both other businesses and customers via email, telephone calls, advertisements, social media and many other channels. What this does is allow you to maximise the potential reach your advertisements can have by exposing them to as many people as possible. However, the main benefit of multichannel marketing comes not in the amount of people you can reach, but how you can tailor your message across each platform to suit the audience in that channel. 

Depending on the platform you are marketing your business across, the message you send out to the audience differs considerably. The whole point of a marketing campaign is to make customers aware of your business and create engagement. If you send out a generic message that fails to engage any user across any marketing channel, while this will increase your store's exposure, it will fail to create any visitors to your store. What you should be looking to do is create a unique message on each platform that will allow you to engage as many customers as possible. For example, if you were looking to advertise your online business through blog posts or editorial pieces, the primary focus will be content. This will mean including as much text based information as you can with little to no pictures whatsoever. Whereas, if you were to advertise your business via a banner ad on a website, you will focus on having appealing visual images with little, but direct information, enticing your audience to click on the link to your store. Depending on the audience you are targeting across each marketing platform, the message you project will differ. Before embarking on various marketing campaigns, you need to ensure that you know what type of marketing appeals best to audiences on that channel and tailor your message to suit this. 

However, when analysing the impact that multiple channels can have on increasing customers and sales for your business, you should also look at how multichannel selling help your business develop, rather than just focussing on multichannel marketing. Selling your product or services across multiple channels in essence means providing more places for customers to purchase from you. The more places you have for customers to access your store, the more people that are going to visit and the more sales you will generate from this. If you are someone who runs an online business on your own, you may think that you don't have enough time in the day to efficiently manage your online store across multiple platforms. However, with the use of ecommerce shopping cart software, you can manage your online business across a number of different platforms easily through a multichannel dashboard, saving you time each day to focus on other areas of your business.

The ecommerce shopping cart software we provide here at eSellution allows you to transform your online store by giving you an eBay store, Facebook store and mobile store all connected to your online store, allowing more customers to view and purchase your products in more places. What this does is drastically increase the exposure your store has and like I said earlier in the article, it is this developed exposure that will culminate in more customers visiting your store and more sales being made. 

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