Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Power of Social Commerce

Social commerce has grown in recent years to become one of the best ways to advertise your products and services as well as interact with your customers on a daily basis. recently analysed the shopping behaviour of their customers and found that those who regularly engaged with them via their Facebook page spent around 24% more than those who didn't.

The reason for this simply is that, as they are engaging through social commerce platforms such as Facebook, they are able to see more of the products that the company has for sale as well as instantly finding out about any special offers the site is running. Not only that, but the ability to interact with also allows these customers to create a more personal relationship, making it more likely that they will purchase goods in the future.

Now if you run an eBay store or some other type of ecommerce store, you may not get the 335,000 Facebook followers that has, but you will still be able to create your own level of dedicated followers. I can't put into words how important social interaction is not just for large corporate brands but also for small online stores. In fact it could be seen as much more important to small businesses as they do not have the funds or the brand image to be able to expand their advertising to other platforms. It is the dedicated customers that you attract to Facebook that are going to make up the large majority of your repeat buyers. While have customers on Facebook spend 24% more than those who aren't on the social media site, it is most likely that the percentage for your Facebook followers will be much higher. 

If you have a Facebook page set up for your business but you don't really use it too often, I encourage you to make sure you are on it numerous times each day, interacting with your customers, creating interest and debate as well as providing your audience with images and information regarding products and future sales. It is this interaction and this interest that is not only going to drive more customers to your store, but also increase the number of people who are aware for your ecommerce store.

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