Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Why your business needs a Facebook store

 When setting up on online business, many people tend to overlook the need for a Facebook store as they don't believe that customers will be willing to purchase through social media. While this stance was correct a number of years ago, many customers have now opened up to the idea of buying through Facebook.

While many businesses have a Facebook fan page, telling users about products, sales and containing external links to access their online store, many people can often be hesitant to leave Facebook. Another benefit of having a Facebook store for your business is the ability to take advantage of a customers buying impulse. If a customer comes across a great deal for a product in your store, it perks their interest and makes them want to buy it. The longer the customers goes from coming across the offer to making the purchase, the more this buying impulse fades until eventually they don't want it anymore. Running a Facebook store is similar to having a mobile store in the sense that you need to make the checkout process for both platforms as quick as possible. Allowing customers to buy products through Facebook means that they don't have to spend time travelling from Facebook to your store, they can purchase through Facebook, taking advantage of a customers buying impulse.

With over two-thirds of all Facebook fans, following a business to find out about the latest products and sales, it makes sense to give these customers the option to purchase products instantly through Facebook. 

However, one thing you need to take care of when setting up a Facebook store is that you do not use Facebook credits as the currency customers use when purchasing products. If your Facebook uses Facebook credits it is going to make customers very hesitant to purchase from your store. Essentially how Facebook credits work is that the customer uses their money to purchase Facebook credits and then uses those credits to purchase things across the social media site. Like I said earlier, the key to making your Facebook store a success is a quick checkout process. Using Facebook credits not only delays this process, but also makes your store seem slightly less trustworthy in the eyes of visiting customers.

The more places you sell your products, the more customers and always you are going to generate for your ecommerce store. If you are worried about the added effort that running a Facebook store could entail, there are a number of multichannel shopping cart software platforms that can help you do this with ease. We at eSellution can help you achieve this with our multichannel ecommerce software, enabling you to sell products across Facebook, eBay, through your own ecommerce site and across mobile devices. What's more, you can easily list and manage your products as well as monitor your stock levels with our stock synchronisation features. For more information about how we at eSellution can transform your online business CLICK HERE 

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