Thursday, 6 September 2012

How to get a free ecommerce store

When I write these blog posts, my first thought is always with you the audience. I always look to produce content that is not only readable, but also information and helpful to all. Today is no different. However,  have decided that I must write about that latest goings on here at eSellution, as I truly believe it is something that cannot be missed by anyone.

We at eSellution are constantly on a mission to help all ecommerce stores, big or small, grow to the heights that they are capable of. We believe so much in the great benefits our ecommerce shopping cart provides, that we don't want one single store owner to miss out on it. For this reason, we have decided to give away our software for absolutely nothing. That's right, it is now 100% free!

Now, I know you might read this and think "If it's so good, why is it free?" Well basically, like I said earlier in this post, to us at eSellution, we want as many people as possible to use our ecommerce software and see how it can transform your store. For us, the satisfaction comes in taking that journey with you, helping your store grow, increasing your traffic and most importantly, helping your sales increase. 

Working with many small businesses in the past, we have found that whether you are selling online for the first time or looking to help your online store grow, at times your profit margins can be rather tight. Many people do not have substantial amounts of money to spend on building some extravagant website which can often leave them struggling to keep up with businesses that do have these funds to spend. 

Throughout the world of online selling there is a view that although using ecommerce software can greatly improve your online store, it costs a substantial amount of money to set up and run. We at eSellution want to get rid of this view by giving you our fantastic service, without you having to spend a single penny. There are no set up fees, no monthly costs, no hidden charges. Like I said at the start, eSellution's shopping cart software is now 100% free.

I know there will be many sceptical people out there who, when they hear that something is free automatically ask "what's the catch?" and the answer is there isn't one. When you sign up for eSellution's ecommerce software, you will instantly gain access to a number of different features which include:

  • Selling across multiple channels - We give you an eBay store, Facebook store and mobile store all integrated with your online ecommerce store. What this does is provides you with more places to sell your products which will more importantly result in more sales.
  • Choose from a wide range of templates - When selling online, especially with eBay, having your store stand out from the rest is going to help increase traffic to your store and create your own identity. eSellution's ecommerce software provides you with a wide range of ecommerce and eBay templates to choose from, allowing your store to stand head and shoulders above your rivals. No matter what items your online store sells, there are a number of templates that relate to it perfectly. 
  • Synchronise your stock - When selling your products, it can often be difficult to keep track of how many products have been sold and how many you have remaining. This can often result in you overselling a product, which will not only mean that you miss out on any sales until you get more stock, but it will also damage the public perception of your store. eSellution's stock synchronisation software monitors your stock levels across all of your different selling platforms. When a product is sold on one platform, it instantly updates your total stock levels across all other platforms, making overselling a thing of the past. 
  • List your products in seconds - One of the main problems some store owners have with the various ecommerce software available today, is the difficulty they have in using the interface. We at eSellution have looked to simplify our dashboard, making it easy for anyone to use, no matter what your HTML or coding experience may be. Even if you have never used an online interface before, you will be able to pick it up easily, allowing you to list your products on your store in a matter of seconds. The sooner you are able to get your products up where your customer can see them, the sooner you are going to start making sales. 
  • Friendly support - If you are setting up an online store for the first time, you may find the whole experience rather daunting. We at eSellution are available via phone or email to provide you with any help, advice or assistance you may need when using our ecommerce software. 

If you're looking to set up an online store for the first time, or you have been trading online for a number of years, you should look to give eSellution's ecommerce software a go to see how it helps your business. When every sale matters, the more money you can save yourself in expenses, the more profit you are going to make. When you spend nothing managing your online store through our ecommerce software, you are going to see not only a rise in profits through the reduced costs, but also through the increased traffic and sales that our software will bring.

Even if this blog wasn't produced on behalf of eSellution, I would still write about this amazing offer, that's how much I personally believe it will help your online business.

Sign up for free now and get started:

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