Thursday, 6 September 2012

There's never been a better time to sell Internationally

If you have been running an online store for a while and have been steadily gaining sales and profit, have you ever thought about possibly branching out to begin selling Internationally?

Whether it is something you have looked at or something you may consider further down the line, eBay's up and coming changes to it's platform provides eBay stores with the perfect opportunity to begin giving it a go. 

When selling International, the main thing that online sellers tend to have trouble with is factoring in the various costs you will need to pay in order to ship the products to different countries. With the new update coming to eBay in the near future, online sellers can now input shipping costs to each specific country. What this means is, rather than simply selling Internationally so anyone from any country can purchase products from you store, you can specifically select which countries you would like to sell your products to. If you find  that your products are popular with one specific country, you can focus to sell solely to that country by only entering their shipping costs into the table. 

When entering the shipping costs for each country, you will be able to enter the cost for three different types of shipping; "Economy," "Standard," "Express." This means that when an International buyer visits your store to purchase a product, they will instantly know how much it is going to cost them and how much added cost they are going to have to pay in order to have that product shipped to their country. 

Gaining success through International selling will result in your total sales increasing significantly, resulting in greater brand exposure and greater profit. eBay are now making it easier for high potential countries such as China, Russia and Brazil to find the items they are looking for, increasing the chances of your products coming up within those search results. 

There are only two conditions you must meet on eBay to begin selling on eBay:

  • You must offer International shipping. You do not have to ship to all countries but you must make sure that you are shipping to atleast one international country. You can do this by selecting the countries you want to on the International shipping table. 
  • You must also offer Paypal as the payment method. 
Carrying out these two simple steps will ensure that your products appear to International customers, allowing you to gain extra traffic and sales to your ecommerce store.

However, taking the plunge into selling Internationally is a big step and one which you shouldn't take it lightly. You should only embark on International selling if you have had consistent success selling within the UK. There is no point spending extra money branching out to International markets when you aren't making a regular profit domestically. You also need to consider whether your product or service will appeal to various countries. While you may do well selling domestically, you may find that there just isn't the International demand for it like there is at home.

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