Thursday, 6 September 2012

Develop a brand identity for your business

While the majority of people selling online find they have the most success when selling through their eBay store, they shouldn't overlook the success that branching out to your own ecommerce store could bring. By branching out I don't mean stop selling on eBay. eBay is one of the biggest marketplaces to sell your products online and should always be one of the channels you use to sell. 

Although you may have dedicated customers, a good public image and a very positive seller rating, you are still essentially just one of thousands of other shops all using the eBay marketplace to sell your products. Having your own ecommerce store allows you to break away from the constraints of eBay, create your own individual domain and start creating a totally unique brand identity. 

The more places you have that advertise your products, the more chance you are going to have of attracting customers to your website. However, what puts people off is the cost it requires to set up an ecommerce site as you must first pay for the domain, then pay for an ecommerce company to setup and implement the ecommerce software for you to begin selling through your ecommerce store. As eBay charges much less in terms of fees, many people tend to stick with only their eBay store. 

The key to success for any business comes in developing a brand identity which is done through establishing a presence on social media as well as increasing your sales through channels such as mobile commerce, social commerce, eBay and of course, having your own ecommerce store. It is all of these aspects that will truly allow your business to grow and while you may see great success in selling through just one platform such as eBay, you aren't going to be able to achieve your business's true potential until you begin selling through multiple channels.  While some ecommerce companies do charge substantial fees to use their ecommerce shopping cart software, this isn't the case with all companies. For example, we at eSellution want to try and help every business become successful and understand that some people don't have substantial amounts of money to spend setting up their website. For those people there are a number of free ecommerce platforms, such as ourselves, who can help you set up your ecommerce store and begin branching out across multiple platforms. 

If you are someone looking to expand to an ecommerce store, be sure to check out our free ecommerce software using the link below. 

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