Friday, 7 September 2012

The hows and whys of mobile commerce

As we constantly tell our readers and clients here at eSellution, mobile commerce is ever growing, becoming one of the biggest online sales platform out there. While eBay is the world's biggest shopping site with many online buyers and sellers alike using the marketplace to carry out a substantial amount of transactions every day, over 10% of all these transactions are carried out of via mobile devices. This figure is constantly on the rise, underpinned by eBay's CEO, John Donahoe predicting at the start of the year that eBay's mobile gross merchandise volume would reach $8 billion in 2012.

Why you need a mobile store

Currently eBay receives over 17 million users to the site a day through mobile devices and while these figures are mainly due to the traffic that eBay's brand generates, it demonstrates the importance mobile commerce plays in not just selling on eBay, but selling across all ecommerce platforms. As we stated last week, by Christmas this year it is expected that mobile commerce will make up 20% of all online retail transactions. So if you are running an online business that sells across any online platform, there has never been a better time to take the plunge and setup an mobile version on your online store.

How to get a mobile store

Now, you may want to set up a mobile version of your online store but are unsure how to go about it. Well it is actually easier than you think. There are a number of ecommerce companies that are reasonably priced to instantly provide you with a mobile platform and yes, we at eSellution do offer this service absolutely for free:  When you sign up with eSellution for example, you receive an ecommerce store which already has a mobile platform, meaning customers can instantly access your online store via their mobile devices.

How to make your mobile store effective

However it isn't just good enough to create a mobile platform and then leave it for your customers to use. The key to mobile commerce comes in the ability to make your platform as efficient and easy to use as possible. The quicker customers can visit your store on their mobile device, find the product they want and complete the purchase, the happier they are going to be and the more likely they will return for future purchases.

When deciding to set up a mobile platform for their ecommerce store many people wonder "is my business ready?" The truth is every business whether big or small should be using mobile commerce as part of their sales platforms. The more opportunities you give people to access your store, the more sales you are going to make. You are going to see much less traffic if you only have an online website, meaning the majority of customers need to be stationary at a desk to make a purchase. Mobile commerce allows users to access your store wherever they may be, whether stationary or constantly on the go.

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